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The Sala Grande

Sala Grande low res

The Sala Grande has the highest ceiling in the house and contains some rare and significant paintings and furniture.

The Archive


The Archivum de Piro comprises an extensive private family collectionof documents and records. In the various cupboards are seals, documents, wills, contracts, maps, proofs of nobility and other items of interest including more than six hundred copies of letters sent by Giovanni Pio de Piro, 1st Baron of Budach and 1st Marquis de Piro.

The Winter Diningroom

Winter Dining Room low res

As its name suggests, this dining room is used more often in the cooler months of Winter and it contains a pair of 17th century Maltese landscapes in their original carved frames.

The Cabinet


Full of books, costumes, medals, walking sticks, snuff boxes, card cases and other items of aristocratic bric-a-brac.

The Four-Poster Bedroom


This room contains a number of interesting items showing the style and layout of bedrooms in the 18th and 19th Centuries.

The Garden


Casa Rocca Piccola is one of the few houses in Valletta with a garden. Gardens were considered to be a great luxury due to the scarcity of water in the capital city.

The Summer Diningroom


This room was once just an open terrace overlooking the garden but was covered over to create an art nouveau addition to Casa Rocca.

The Library


This room houses a number of recent works including literature, poetry and biographies.

The Entrance


Restaurant La Giara


The Small Bomb Shelter


The Big Bomb Shelter


The Family Bomb Shelter

family bs.

The Hall

The Art Noveau marble staircase, a modern addition to a 400 year old house takes you to the Piano Nobile of Casa Rocca Piccola.

The Family Chapel


The family chapel is dedicated to San Gaetano and is known to have come from the Sceberras Testaferrata family whose famous son Fabrizio (1757-1843) became Malta's first cardinal.

The Blue Room


This room is directly opposite the beautiful facade of St Catherine's church designed by Romano Fortunato Carapecchia (1666-1738). Many elderly residents of Casa Rocca Piccola would attend mass in this church sitting in this window.

The Porphyry Room

Porphyry Room Adjusted

This room is called Porphyry Room because originally the walls were painted to imitate porphyry marble. It has a collection of family portraits and the original surviving wooden ceiling that is over 400 years old.

The Sedan Chair


The Sedan Chair is one of the principal treasures of Casa Rocca Piccola and it was made for Fra` Victor Nicolas de Vachon Belmont, a French Knight of Malta.

The Green Room


This room is painted to imitate silk hanging on its walls. The chandelier is 18th century Venetian blown glass.