Casa Rocca Piccola is open from 10am to 5pm every day except Sundays and Public Holidays with tours taking place on the hour. Last tour starts at 4pm. Admission after hours is also possible by appointment.

The prices for the guided tours are €9 for Adults and €5 for Students. Children under 14 are Free.

Guided tours of Casa Rocca Piccola are usually done in clear spoken English (unless booked in advance) with laminated normal-sized script translations available in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Japanese, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Greek and Dutch.


Casa Rocca Piccola is on Valletta’s main street and is 5 minutes walk from the Valletta Bus Terminus.
By Bus. All buses go to Valletta! Get to the Valletta Bus Terminus and just walk right down Republic Street until you get to Number 74.

By Car. Parking can be difficult in Valletta during weekdays so it’s best to park outside the city and walk in. There is a multi-storey car park by the Valletta Bus Terminus.

See the map below.


Casa Rocca Piccola is situated on the main street of Valletta about 600 metres from the Bus Terminus. The pavement immediately outside the property has a gradient with gentle 5cm steps but since the road is quiet it is also possible to push wheelchairs on the tarmac road. Taxis can stop outside but finding parking spaces during the day in Valletta can be difficult and may require parking a considerable distance away.

The access to Casa Rocca Piccola is through a large door that has a number of steep steps. We can also open the front door that has just one small step from the street.

Casa Rocca Piccola has 24 marble steps from the entrance to the Piano Nobile where the Guided Tours of the house are done.

For those who are mobility impaired we have a Wheelchair accessible bathroom and a lift from Street Level to the Piano Nobile where the Guided Tours take place. You will need to ask at reception for lift and bathroom access.

Once you are at the Piano Nobile level there are no further steps and access into individual rooms is through double doors.

Chairs are not provided but exceptions can be made in individual cases for those who will find standing for the 45 minute duration of the tours tiring. (Please contact us before arriving.) The exhibits are all visible for wheelchair users.

The Bomb Shelters of Casa Rocca Piccola have around 100 stone steps, some narrow tunnels and in parts uneven surfaces and so are not recommended for wheelchair users or those with mobility or vision issues. Handrails are provided on the Bomb Shelter steps but again caution is advised.

Properly trained guide dogs are welcome but be advised that a parrot lives on the premises!